Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Below are some caches that have been hidden by around the Annapolis Valley. Keep checking back as we'll be adding more caches periodically.

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Take the High Road (N 45° 11.863 W 064° 37.153)

This cache is located along the Halls Harbour eco-trail. The terrain is generally quite easy, with moderate inclines.

Huntington Point of Interest (N 45° 11.740 W 064° 38.844)

This cache is located along Huntington Point. The terrain is quite easy as you'll spend most of your time on the beach.

On the track to Old Acadia (N 45° 06.728 W 064° 17.428)

Located at the site of the original Deportation Cross in Grand-Pre before it was moved to Horton Landing in 2005.

Monkey in the Middle (N 45° 03.800 W 064° 28.782)

An easy find located along the Kentville Research Station Trail in Kentville.

Standing Tall (N 45° 06.519 W 064° 13.483)

Located near the Horton Bluff Lighthouse in Avonport.

Houston's View (N 45° 12.883 W 064° 21.931 )

Houston Beach is a great place to dig for clams, stroll the beach or find a cache.

Light in the Hayfield (N 45° 09.439 W 064° 25.343)

A quick stop at the Borden Lighthouse in Canning.

Up the Creek (N 45° 10.159 W 064° 44.577)

Located up the stream that feeds into the Black Rock wharf.


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